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What is Mystery Shopping?


Simply put, mystery shopping is very much like everyday shopping, but for money! You just need to be attentive to some details during your shopping trip and report them to the mystery shopping companies that hire you. Doing so, you can get paid for eating out at first-class restaurants, shopping at the mall, staying at hotels and even going to the movies.


Let’s take a mystery shopping assignment at a shoe store for example:


Your mystery shopping job: You go into the ABC Shoe Store on a Monday afternoon and you notice posters displaying a promotion on all Nikes (20% off) in the store display window. A salesman named “Andrew” greets you and mentions you can get an additional 20% off on all Nikes. You thank him and then walk over to the Nike shoe section. You pick up one pair of Nikes. Another salesman named “Michael” approaches you and asks if everything is alright. You tell Michael you are wondering what the difference is between this Nike shoe you are holding and the pair of New Balance shoes near it. Michael gives you some details about the different materials used, manufacturing process etc. You tell him you want to try a pair of Nikes in a size 10. He brings them to you. You try on the shoes but they are too big. You ask for a smaller size. Michael comes back with a size 9. They fit. You tell Michael you want to take the shoes. He asks if you would like a pair of socks with the shoes. They’re 50% off when purchased with a pair of shoes. You agree to buy the socks too. Michael smiles and rings up everything quickly and efficiently. You leave the store feeling like you got a good deal and good service. You behaved like a normal shopper and nobody would think you are a mystery shopper.


Your mystery shopping report:


  • You fill out a questionnaire detailing your customer experience and answering specific questions about the promotion posters, whether the salesman greeted you, whether the salesman told you about the socks, and about other add-on products, etc.


  • You send this questionnaire by fax or email to the mystery shopping companies that hired you for this assignment.


Your payment for this mystery shopping job:


  • You keep the Nike shoes for free


  • You get paid up to $150


Did you ever dream of getting paid for shopping, eating out at restaurants or going to the local theater? Now you can make that dream a reality as a mystery shopper.


The benefits of mystery shopping are plenty. You get free stuff and money. Your hours are flexible. Your job is varied and fun and you have the satisfaction of helping to improve the quality of services available for consumers.











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